Mozart #2

Wolfgang Amadeus, tragic genius,
Pure magic maestro of sound,
Your relentless quest for two notes
That loved each other
Made perfect harmony.

The consummate artist
Your whole Being a cathedral
For celestial instruments,
Reciting musical memories
Of unseen worlds and far flung universes.

Did you comb the heavens
For divine inspiration
Or were you born embodying
The spheres of sacred sound?

All your 4th Ray bodies
Personified beauty and harmony,
Save one 3rd Ray physical
For strength and rapid activity,
Composing 600 scores
In thirty five years of incarnation.

As a soul-infused third degree initiate,
Your personality foibles
And material suffering
Belied your spiritual status.

Now a Master with Serapis’s Ashram,
You inspire world disciples
To revelations on the horizon
Of Music and Art, reflecting
Cosmic Rays of Beauty and Harmony.

And when children
In their intuitive way,
Innocently pronounce “Most Art”
As your name,
I assent in reverent silence
And pay homage with love, Mozart.


Author © Sophia Tara
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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