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Aries Full Moon – Mystery of the Fiery Serpent

ARIES FULL MOON – Mystery of the Fiery Serpent on the Great Wheel of Life

KEYNOTE: I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule. 

Wednesday 23 March 2016 @ 12.01 pm GMT
Thursday 24 March 2016 @ 1:00 am NZDT UTC + 13

Exoteric ruler: Mars – 6th ray

Esoteric ruler: Mercury – 4th ray

The rays 1 and 7 are transmitted through Aries.

Aries is one of the constellations of the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. This is the cross of God, the Father, and, therefore, of the incarnating monad. It is the expression of will or power as it expresses itself through the great creative process.

Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, as individual entities, come into human incarnation for the first time in the sign of Cancer, emerging as mental entities in the sign Aries, as emotional-desire entities in the sign Taurus and as vital entities in the sign Gemini, taking then physical form in Cancer.This is an involutionary, subjective cycle. Thus they emerge into the ocean of physical plane existence, into the world of matter. Yet the first impulse is awakened in Aries, for Aries is the place where the initial idea to institute activity takes form. It is the birthplace of ideas, and a true idea is in reality a spiritual impulse taking form – subjective and objective. There originates the response of the soul to the highest aspect or quality of deity because there appears the “will to incarnate.” The first ray aspect of the Monad, responding to the first aspect of deity, evokes response from the first ray aspect of the soul and the first step towards incarnation is taken on that plane in the system which is the mental plane. Aries “awakens the will to reach the lowest and there control, to know the uttermost and thus to face all experience” – thus runs an ancient statement.

The keynotes of the sign Aries are four in number, all conveying the same idea. They can be expressed in the following four injunctions which are given, symbolically, to the incarnating soul:

1. Express the will to be and do.
2. Unfold the power to manifest.
3. Enter into battle for the Lord.
4. Arrive at unity through effort.

Creation – Being – Activity – Strife – Synthesis, these are the nature of the Lord of the first constellation and enable Him to influence our planet to these results.

And thus the great cycle of struggle towards expression starts and the foundational words of The Secret Doctrine, with which you are all so familiar, express the goal and the purpose of the first sign of the Cardinal Cross:

“Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesised by life which pervades them all.”  (S.D. Vol. I, 80)

Aries by Duane Carpenter Original
What appears in Aries as spiritual energy enters into the soul stage in Cancer, in which sign the soul incarnates for the first time in form, reaches a point of equilibrium in Libra, in which sign soul and personality achieve a balance of cooperation and, in Capricorn, the will nature arrives at fulfilment and a visioned goal is reached. In Capricorn, the man reaches either the height of personal ambition or he becomes the initiate, attaining his spiritual objective. The difference between these two goals depends upon the mode of progression around the wheel of life. It should be remembered—generalising again and speaking symbolically—that the Crosses also turn, being the spokes of the great wheel. The undeveloped man goes from Aries to Capricorn and to Libra and Cancer, whilst the developed man reverses the process. We could, for the sake of clarity, consider the great experience of life as taking place upon the three wheels within the wheel of Life, viewing it from three angles:

1. The Wheel of Incarnation.
2. The cycle of ordinary evolution.

3. The period of captivity, wherein the man is bound upon the wheel.
4. The fourfold influence of the Common Cross.
5. Life in the three worlds.

6. The development of personality.

1. The Wheel adjusted or reversed.
2. The cycle of discipleship.
3. The period of emergence, wherein the man alters the revolution of the wheel.
4. The fourfold influence of the Fixed Cross.
5. Life in the five worlds of superhuman evolution.

6. The unfoldment of soul through the personality.

1. The wheel controlled or dominated.
2. The cycle of initiation.

3. The period of liberation from the work of the Great Wheel.
4. The fourfold influence of the Cardinal Cross.
5. Life in the seven worlds of our seven planes.

6. Fusion of spirit, soul and personality.

Aries Constellation
Aries, therefore, starts the process of the “most ancient initiation” which all the human family has already undergone and will undergo. The first great cosmic initiation (as far as humanity is concerned) is initiation into incarnation – the initiation of individualisation. This process culminates aeons later in the reversing of the wheel and the attaining of a definite goal in Capricorn. It culminates in the achievement of transference from off the Fixed Cross on to the Cardinal Cross, which is, in its turn, the logical sequence of the transference from off the Mutable or Common Cross on to the Fixed Cross. Therefore, in its lowest manifestation, Aries is the creator of those activities, conditions and processes which lead to the manifestation of soul through the medium of form, and later of those higher creative undertakings which lead in due time to the manifestation of spirit through the soul. These processes eventually demonstrate the true nature of the triplicity to which I introduced you in the earlier pages of this treatise:

Life – Quality – Appearance.

We have seen that Aries is the sign of beginnings – the beginning of the creative process, the first step of the soul (the microcosm of the already initiated Macrocosm) towards incarnation, the beginning of recurring and constant cycles of experience, the beginning of the period wherein the soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, and finally enters upon that definitely defined process which we call spiritual regeneration and initiation. There are four words of vital importance upon which we shall ring the changes, as we study the path of evolution, or the progress of the soul around the great wheel, both as a personality and as a disciple, headed towards the final liberating process. These four words express the subjective impulses and motives and, in reality, introduce four different cycles of progress upon the Path in its various stages of individualisation to initiation. They are:

1. Recreation in which the influence of Cancer, combined with that of Aries, produces the pull into incarnation upon the physical plane.

2. Regeneration in which the growing influence of the Fixed Cross, playing upon the Mutable Cross, produces those interior changes which eventually lead to

3. Reorientation or the great cycle of repolarisation which takes place through the influence of Libra (the Cardinal Cross) and the “swerving of the Bull in mid-career,” as it is called in the ancient books. This process of reorientation leads to a passage around the wheel in which, steadily and persistently, the inner subjective man comes into outer manifested expression and the personality recedes into the background. Finally, there come twelve lives wherein the final stage of

4. Renunciation is experienced and the disciple or initiate renounces all for the love of humanity and its service, and lays himself upon the altar of sacrifice. He achieves, as a result, the final liberation.

This liberation is, in reality, twelvefold in nature, for liberation, victory and triumph have to be experienced in every sign, just as captivity, defeat and failure have been experienced in all the signs of the zodiac, whilst the man is functioning as a personality. It is these four words and their significance which will underlie all that I have to say to you anent the dual experience upon the great wheel of life. I would ask you to bear this definitely in mind.

Aries Full Moon LLD
Going through the great cycle from Aries to Taurus, the man reenters the sign Aries again under the potent impression of Taurus, which at this stage of development feeds his ardent desire for the many material advantages of physical incarnation and of constant worldly undertakings; thus after a period of re-creation, he passes out into incarnation in Pisces and begins again the great round of manifested life, for Pisces is the ocean wherein he is “the fish,” controlled by the laws of substance or material existence. In the second great stage, he passes from Aries to Taurus, because desire has at last been transmuted into aspiration. After proving his steadfastness to the ideal of the spiritual life in the intervening signs, he passes again into Pisces, from the opposite direction to his usual procedure, having earned the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, the power to take a final planetary initiation and the privilege of passing on to one of the seven paths to which I have made reference in my other books; these eventually give him “the freedom of the seven solar systems,” as it is called in contradistinction to “the freedom of the seven planetary spheres,” which the experience of initiation has guaranteed him, after a process of intensive training in one or other of the planetary schools (according to his ray type) and the path of service chosen.

You will see, therefore, the significance of the two keywords of the sign Aries:

1. “And the Word said: Let form again be sought” – The Man

2. “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule” – The Initiate

Experience leads to rulership and in this sign the man who is embodied first ray force develops the power of organisation, of control over forces, particularly over the energy of death, over the power of destruction applied with love, of dominance over multitudes, of cooperation with the plan and the practice of the Will in rightly and correctly guiding and directing planetary affairs.

Sun Aries

Source: Esoteric Astrology Alice A. Bailey
Photo Credit: Duane Carpenter (Esoteric Graphic Artist)
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

UFOs & Their Spiritual Mission

UFO POSTER 28 March 2016 FINAL

An unprecedented number have been seen in NZ skies over recent years. World-wide UFO sightings and reports abound on the internet, and Astronauts testify to their existence.

Since the dawn of humanity’s history, there have been common myths and legends of UFOs, seen as flying carpets in ancient Arabia, with Biblical figures such as the prophet Elijah taken to heaven in a chariot of fire, the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus guiding The Magi and magical flying machines, called Vimanas, of ancient India and China.

Today, an unprecedented number of UFOs have been sighted 24/7 across the world.  Why are they here? Where do they come from? What is their mission? Do they herald a global spiritual awakening? Are they here to help Planet Earth at this turning point in human history? What is Earth’s future and destiny? Is there hope for us?

We have spoken publicly about UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission for several years. Come and enjoy an evening of inspiring dialogue and a colourful multi-media presentation about this amazing global phenomena, and its spiritual connection to Planet Earth.

Date: Monday 28 March 2016
Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm
Venue: Trinity Union Church, 11 Hall Avenue (off Hall Street), Newtown,
 Wellington, New Zealand

KOHA/DONATIONS gratefully accepted

Enquiries email:

Empathy Cafe

Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.

Empathy Cafes are based on the principles of Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC). They provide a safe supportive space in building self-compassion and self-confidence towards authentic expression. Developing emotional intelligence & literacy (EQ) skills enables one to engage in meaningful empathic connection with oneself and others, with a highly valued set of tools to navigate a challenging and often complex world of relationships.

Empathy Cafes are held monthly @ 6.30pm-8.30pm – dates are flexible and regulated to suit group needs.

Growing Emotional Intelligence & Literacy (EQ)

NVC helps to foster the growth of emotional intelligence and literacy skills, self-awareness leading to self-connection, self-compassion and self-acceptance. This brings clarity, attention and focus to observations, inner thoughts and feelings, expression of values, the beauty of needs and the power of requests.

The Power of Empathy
Empathy is at the very heart of Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  It is a profound and total listening, neutral and deep, that does not look to influence the other or the quality of what is being said.  It is being fully present in the moment and listening deeply to the real needs of the person speaking.  While our usual habit is to listen from a place of judgement and evaluation, developing EMPATHY and SELF-EMPATHY skills brings us to a place of connection and harmony within ourself and others.  NVC will help move us towards a new way of thinking and being that brings healing compassionate connection into our life through the Power of Empathy.

This form of NVC Empathy practice can be used very effectively in daily living, adding to the quality of inter-personal relationships at home, at work and in the community.  The outcome is renewed purpose and clarity, where each person is valued, seen and heard with empathy-compassion, and received with appreciation, gratitude and loving celebration.

Your facilitator Sophia has been facilitating Empathy Circles and NVC practice groups since 2005 in Wellington city, initially with a closed group, followed by an open community group of 15-20 people. Empathy Cafes are a valuable extension to NVC Foundation Trainings and the ongoing practice of Empathy skills.

Sophia initiated and founded the NVC grassroots movement in the Wellington Region more than 10 years ago, and organised many workshops attended by keen participants throughout NZ.  She trained with the founder of NVC, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, and Robert Gonzales, Miki Kashtan, Sura Hart, Jean Morrison, Gina Lawrie and many other overseas trainers.  She has facilitated a wide range of NVC workshops for community activists, spiritual and social change groups, including Death Cafes, Grief & Loss with Compassion & Empathy, Intentional Living, Steiner and Buddhist communities, The Occupy NZ & Wellington movements, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, alternative Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities and the general public.  She resonates deeply with the Spirituality of NVC and an abiding empathy for First Nations, the plight and healing of the world’s indigenous people, through NVC and cultural-spiritual awareness.

All Welcome
This Empathy Cafe Community group is open to everyone.

Book & Pay: $10 to help cover cost of venue and photocopy hand-outs as required. You can pay via internet banking or bring your cash with you.

Please deposit into the following account with ‘NVC’ and your name as reference:
Trading Bank: Kiwibank
Name of Account: Spirit of Peace
Account Number: 38-9006-0358290-00

Enquiries email:

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Love Life & Death

LOVE LIFE & DEATH synthesises ideas, concepts, information and strategies to offer an active vision of 21st century Education. Planet Earth entered the Age of Aquarius in 2009. It is the Age of Unity, Synthesis, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. The cosmic magnet and Aquarian energies sweep all before it. The Soul of Humanity has come of age! Increasingly we will comprehend our innate raison d’etre within the Divine Plan. The Science of the Soul will be recognised and accepted as the indwelling divinity that unites all of creation.

Soul Education will ensue in earnest, for it holds the key to our purpose in Life, our understanding of Death and Rebirth, and a comprehensive awareness of the immutable universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

Gradually the evolution of consciousness will proceed accordingly; war, hunger and poverty will end; we will increasingly re-cognise each other as Souls in incarnation. With this conscious awareness, we will actively demonstrate the Divine Soul qualities of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Unity, Sharing, Compassion, Empathy, and become World Citizens, responsible for the restoration and custodianship of Planet Earth – our Home.

Soul Heart

In preparation for the Era of the Soul and the Age of Love, we offer courses, public talks, lectures and workshops on the following:
* Science of the Soul – constitution of humanity
* Soul Psychology – the 7 Rays of Energy
* Soul Purpose – your Soul Ray sweet spot
* Soul Doulaship – comfort & support for the death journey home
* Death Cafes – minimise the fear of death
* The Art of Death & Dying – a good death
* Transmission Meditation – global group service Network of Light
* The World Teacher For All Humanity – He Is Here!
* UFO & Crop Circle Mystery – we are not alone
* Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
* Empathy Matters – develop Emotional Intelligence
* Empathy Cafes – community connection & support
* “Bully” Busters – busting with Empathy & Compassion
* Ukuleles for Peace – community building with music, fun & play

We welcome all individual and group enquiries for facilitating workshops in your communities, presenting public talks and delivering lectures/seminars on any of the above subjects.

We will be working towards global webinars and opportunities for online courses, presentations and discussions.

WEBSITE:       Love Life & Death Banner

The Mighty Ukes: Carols & Classics

Carrara Park #2

~ Ukulele is the instrument of friendship, love and peace ~ 

THE MIGHTY UKES are performing Christmas Songs and old classic favourites at Carrara Park Newtown, Wellington on Tuesday 8 December @ 6.30pm – 7.30pm. 

ALL WELCOME to a free one hour of non-stop sing-along fun-loving hand-clapping evening of your favourite Christmas Songs and classics for the whole family!

All voices and instruments are welcome too!

Come celebrate the joyful Spirit of Christmas with us ‘cos we know how to Uke & Spread the Love 🙂

See you there!
Here’s the Carrara Park Google Map…/well…/newtown/-carrara+park+play+area/

Then join us tonight @ 7.00pm-8.30pm,
The Office Bar & Cafe, 124 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington. Absolute Beginners & all levels welcome. BYO Ukulele & Koha. Spare ukes available.

The Mighty Ukes

Come out of the ukulele closet and join The Mighty Ukes and the Ukulele Revolution. Relax and strum along with us for a fun ukulele jam session. All songs provided on the large wall screen – just bring you and uke.

We usually warm up with some 3 chord popular folk/culture songs to encourage our beginners to join in, then we step-up gear as the night ticks on.

We’re also dusting off well-loved classic hits and bringing them to life with the Mighty Uke. Leonard Cohen classics like “Dance Me to the End of Love” Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” Del Shannon “Runaway” Roy Orbison “Blue Bayou” and many many more of your favourites!

All enquiries:
Email Sophia:

Additional options:
* Attend our Monthly Beginners Ukulele workshops.
* Join our friendly Ukulele Tuesday Meetup group @7pm-8.30pm every week for regular fun practice and meet other Ukulele Lovers.
* Sign up to our Mailing List to receive our Weekly Email Alert.
* Receive our updated Ukulele DropBox which has over 400+ song sheets with uke chords. It also contains Common Chord Charts, Ukulele Online Tuning and video links. This will help you practice at home between our Weekly Tuesday Meetup sessions.

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You may just find You and Uke will become happy life long friends 🙂 

♫♪Լღvє Ukes ♫ ♪♪ ♫♪ Լღvє Ukes ♫ ♪♪ ♫♪ ♥ ♥♥ ♫♪ Լღvє Ukes ♫ ♪♪♫♪

Uke & Spread the Love :)

Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

NVC Community

Banner of Peace

A world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully. In this vision, people are using Compassionate Communication to create and participate in networks of global life-serving systems, within economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-making.

To contribute to this vision by facilitating the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, within our homes, schools, workplaces, communities and service organisations. We begin with developing compassionate self-awareness, self-connection, creativity and action in the service of Life. Growing in NVC consciousness on our shared journey of Being and Becoming, One Heart at a time.

Special acknowledgement and deep gratitude to the late Dr Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). He dedicated his life to the service of humanity through his tireless work of nonviolence for global peace. CCCANZ is grateful for the spiritual gift of Nonviolent Communication, its loving presence, compassion and beauty, daily enriching many lives.

Transforming Our World  With Compassion & Empathy One Heart At A Time
Centre for Compassionate Communication  Aotearoa New Zealand offers the following NVC Courses

* Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 2 – 4 hour presentation, summary and overview of NVC.

* Foundation Training – Introducing the Basics of NVC, experiential and interactive exercises, and a framework model to begin using NVC in daily Life. 

Special Purpose Trainings

* Transforming Guilt, Shame, Anger, Depression  
1 or 2 day workshop exploring the painful “stuck” emotions of Guilt, Shame, Anger, Depression. Explore possible entrenched causative effects & triggers, self-judgements & fear. Learn to mourn & celebrate. Process clarity through the expression of feelings & needs, authenticity & vulnerability. Build gradual understanding and personal transformation, through self-empathy, self-connection, self-acceptance and radical self-compassion.
Special Purpose Trainings – Available on request

* Parenting to Connect
1-2 day workshop for parents to connect, support and share challenges and joys, mournings and celebrations of parenthood. A safe place to express frustration, concerns, appreciation and care for your children. Experience clarity and connection, articulated through Compassionate & Collaborative Communication. Teenagers/adult “children” welcome with parent/s.

* Living Empathy & Ukuleles For Peace
Request a 1 day workshop exploring “Living Empathy” as a connective-empathic response in your daily relationships. Book a FUN day with your organisation, community group or social circle of friends. This workshop will teach you LIVING EMPATHY skills and introduce you to the UKULELE as an instrument of friendship, love and peace. We allocate one hour to teach basic ukulele skills and you will play a song or two within the hour! The ukulele is well-known for its magical influence to create friendships. Follow on with our Absolute Beginners’ Ukulele Course & other NVC workshop opportunities listed. Living Empathy & Ukuleles For Peace Available on request

* Transforming Bullying to Empathy
1 or 2 day workshop for schools & workplaces, homes & prisons with bullying issues and challenges. Seek to understand the common humanity of both ‘bullies’ and ‘victims’. Transform disconnecting enemy images to the Beauty of Needs and empathic connection. Develop NVC awareness and consciousness, emotional literacy and emotional intelligence.

* Transforming Planetary Despair
A social change workshop exploring “Feeling the pain of the world” repressed fear, isolation and despair for our global future. Realize that despair flows out of genuine compassion in its original meaning “suffering with”. Explore despair as the constellation of profound feelings, unmet values and needs. Let all feelings flow within-without, to reconnect with beauty, wonder, compassion, courage, empathy & connectedness to all Life. Break your heart open. Dance the Elm Dance of Hope.

* Living Compassion
Connecting the contextual qualities and deeper meaning of the Divine Essence: Compassion and Empathy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Reflection and Contemplation, Love in Action and NVC Spirituality. Understand the evolution and unique unfolding of Sacred Heart consciousness, Soul creativity and Life purpose. Tap into the threshold of the Living Energy. Resonate with your Soul Note and Soul Quality which makes you divinely unique.

* Unique Conscious Communities
Request a workshop for specific organizational and group needs, relevant to your workplace culture, or enhancing Peace Group initiatives, or living in sustainable Alternative Communities, or contemplative group awareness on the Spiritual Path of Compassion. Requests are most welcome from Inter-Faith, Meditation, Spiritual & New Age groups, First Nations, Multi-Ethnic and LGBTI/Rainbow Communities.

* Mediation for Groups, Families & Couples
Request a mediation session/s for your diverse needs to be fully seen, fully heard, mutually understood and mutually supported for creating empathic connection and collaboration-in-continuity.

* Exploring Grief & Compassionate Communication
Request a personal, family or group session/s for you and your loved ones to mitigate the changing landscape of life’s trials, tribulations and unexpressed grief. Your loss may be due to the death of a family member or friend, or loved pet, separation, divorce, children leaving home, loss or change of residence, redundancy, business liquidation or bankruptcy. Compassionate Communication unpacks tools and journals for expressing contemplative grief, reflection & mourning, clarity & connection, authenticity & vulnerability, compassion & empathy, gratitude, appreciation & celebration. To be seen, to be heard, to matter, in exploring deep personal grief, will encourage an open-hearted, self-healing process to begin, with self-awareness and radical self-compassion.

* Bring together your own unique group and request any of the above workshops to meet your group’s specific needs.

NB: Introduction to NVC or Foundation Training may be a pre-requisite to attend some Workshops.

Practice Group & Empathy Cafe
Meetup monthly, as per group demand, to practice NVC skills and empathic connection. A follow-on from NVC Trainings.

* Follow On & Extension Requests welcome for all workshops


           Sophia Tara
Sophia bio imageNVC Facilitator – Sophia is Director and founder of the Centre for Compassionate Communication Aotearoa New Zealand (CCCANZ). She also initiated and founded the Nonviolent Communication grassroots movement in NZ’s capital city Wellington Region. Over the years, she organised NVC workshops for participants from all over Aotearoa-NZ, and trained with the founder of NVC, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales from Living Compassion, Miki Kashtan of BayNVC, Sura Hart, Jean Morrison from the USA, Gina Lawrie from the UK and many other certified trainers from USA and Australia.  

Sophia offers NVC trainings, practice groups and empathy circles. She has facilitated workshops for a wide range of groups, including the Steiner Waldorf community, Intentional alternative-lifestyle groups, Buddhist centres, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, Occupy New Zealand, Peace Movement Aotearoa, Chalkle Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities, Early Childhood Managers and Supervisors and the general public. She deeply resonates with the Spirituality of NVC with an abiding empathy for First Nations, the plight and healing of the world’s indigenous people, through NVC and cultural-spiritual awareness.

Sophia facilitated NZ’s first public Death Cafes in Wellington where she utilises NVC skills of Empathy & Compassion Over the years she has run NVC workshops on Death & Dying, Grief and Mourning, Celebration and Gratitude, Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame to help mitigate the changing landscape of life’s trials, tribulations and unexpressed grief. This personal and/or family loss may be due to the death of a beloved family member or friend, a cherished pet, separation, divorce, children leaving home,  loss or change of residence, redundancy, business liquidation or bankruptcy, and the widespread culture of “bullying” and mental health.

She has also facilitated NVC workshops within the larger framework of ‘Transforming Planetary Despair’ exploring and “Feeling the pain of the world” repressed fear, isolation and despair for our global future and Planet Earth – our home.

For over 25 years, Sophia has been an activist for social change and world peace. She is involved with peace communities, social change and spiritual activists, Transmission Meditation and Ageless Wisdom educators in NZ and all over the world. She writes newsletters, articles, blogs, poetry, music, and broadcasted NVC, Ageless Wisdom and Peace programmes on Access Radio 783AM. She is a keen photographer, video-movie maker, website creator, and also a Ukulele Music Teacher with a large group she founded called The Mighty Ukes.  

Sophia believes peace begins with each person and NVC offers tools, enabling us to make a paradigm shift in consciousness, from living in a culture of violence, towards a Culture of Peace,  Compassion and Empathy. She was creator and webmaster of  the first NVC Aotearoa-NZ national website, initiator/editor for the NVC NZ Community Connect newsletter, national database administrator and contact person over the years, for NVC Aotearoa-NZ.

Marshall Gems
We recognize that real educational reform is essential if today’s and tomorrow’s children are to live in a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. The spirituality that we need to develop for social change is one that mobilizes us for social change.

Ukulele Revolution

Ukulele is the instrument of friendship, love & peace

A renewed interest in the ukulele is happening worldwide on all levels not only with professional musicians, but it is also giving people who have never played music before the opportunity to join a local group and learn to strum and sing. Many clubs have started all over the world in the last five or six years, in both metropolitan and regional towns.

The modest ukulele is enjoying a surge in popularity. Once considered a novelty, the four-stringed instrument is ready to be taken seriously.

Ukuleles sell themselves. They are so portable and occupy very little space. It doesn’t have the baggage associated with the guitar, and very unintimidating. It just says “hold me and play me.” The ukulele can carry a range of moods and can be played virtuosically in many styles including jazz, blues, islander, country, rock, pop, folk, punk and classical. It is an extremely versatile instrument, and not just for novelty songs.

     Elvis Presley with ukelele
Elvis UkeMany people have never picked up an instrument before in their lives, but over recent years, there has been a huge surge in interest to play this easy to learn happy instrument. Music stores have been quick to respond to the public’s renewed appetite for the stringed instrument, and sales have soared. Many music stores claim that undoubtedly there has been an astronomic rise in ukulele sales which has been the saviour of their industry. The shortfall in sales of instruments due to the economic downturn has been balanced by a rise in demand for the ukulele.

Rival to recorder?
The magic of the uke is that with its four strings – as opposed to the guitar’s six – it is easy to play. As a delightful consequence, it encourages the formation of ukulele community groups who enjoy singing and playing the ukulele together. It takes very little time to have a few chords down which enables people to play a large amount of music of all genres. There is also a bigger interest in folk instruments and the ukulele is popularly seen as one of them. The ukulele is increasingly seen as a replacement for the old school recorder and widely acknowledged as the first instrument of choice for school children. Professional musicians such as the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who, in doing covers of well known songs, have further popularised the ukulele as a ‘serious’ musical instrument, and the community sing-along aspect that accompanies it. The internet has helped fuel the popularity of the ukulele. Fans of the instrument visit ukulele websites in increasing numbers, as many sites offer useful online resources with tabbed song sheets and even free uke tutorials. 

Noble Uke

Ukuleles have gone viral
Uke makers are riding the wave of popularity that began around the time of former Beatle, George Harrison’s death in 2001. Harrison was well-known in uke circles, but it was former band-mate Paul McCartney who reignited the public’s fascination by playing the instrument in the 2002 tribute Concert for George and in other performances.

Though big stars helped spur the instrument’s latest round of popularity, the Internet has been “more important than anything” in the uke’s resurgence, said Jim Beloff, a leading publisher of ukulele songbooks and a major promoter of the sweet-strumming, four-stringed, long-maligned uke. In the last two years, singer-songwriter Julia Nunes has parlayed her YouTube videos, most of her own compositions, into online stardom. 

Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, already big in Hawaii, the uke’s homeland, became a nationwide sensation with his wailin’ on Harrison’s “My Guitar Gently Weeps.” It has attracted more than 13.5 million hits on YouTube since 2006 and earned him tours with Jimmy Buffett, a recording session with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and various television appearances.

As with so many groups the Internet has helped to foster, Ukulele Lovers have been searching for like-minded folk among isolated pockets of uke players and creating online communities. Some music websites host directories of ukulele players so they can find one another in their local communities. Good ukes, once hard to find, are popping up on EBay. 

The website Ukulele Underground posts YouTube videos and ukulele reviews and hosts spirited discussions about concerts, techniques, instruments and everything else a ukulele fan would want.

Happy ukeThe novelty aspect still exists, as anyone who listens to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain can attest, with eight men in tuxedos, strumming and picking the tune of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

The ukulele even had a revival in Hawaii, where it had fallen out of favour as a tourist cliche, and also has long been popular in Japan. Hawaii’s oldest factory, Kamaka Hawaii, produces 3,500 to 4,000 instruments a year, a quarter of which are sold in Japan.

The Internet has also helped to spread demand internationally. Looks like the once humble big-hearted Ukulele is definitely here to stay – indefinitely.

Permission to reprint from The Mighty Ukes For Peace

Death: The Great Adventure

Death the Great Adventure banner

Date: Monday 9 November
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm
The Quaker Centre,
7-8 Moncrieff Street,
Mt Victoria, Wellington

An Introduction to Understanding Death in our evolutionary Soul journey.

Our Ideas about death have been erroneous; we have looked upon it as the great and ultimate terror, whereas in reality it is the great escape, the entrance into a fuller measure of activity, and the release of the life from the crystallized vehicle and inadequate form. Death, if we could realise it, is one of our most practised activities. We have died many times and shall die again and again.

Death is essentially a matter of consciousness. We are conscious one moment on the physical plane, and a moment later we have withdrawn onto another plane and are actively conscious there. Just as soon as we know ourselves to be Souls, and find that we are capable of focussing our consciousness or sense of awareness in any form or on any plane at will….we shall no longer know death.

The Fear Of Death Is Based Upon

* A terror of the final rending processes in the act of death itself.
* Horror of the unknown and the indefinable.
* Doubt as to final immortality.
* Unhappiness at leaving loved ones behind or of being left behind.
* Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the subconsciousness.
* Clinging to form life, because primarily identified with it in consciousness.
* Old erroneous teaching as to Heaven and Hell, both equally unpleasant in prospect to certain types.
(Reference: The Ageless Wisdom)

What Will You Learn?
* The reality of the Soul
* The Process of Death & Dying
* The Universal Laws of Rebirth & Karma
* The Soul Purpose of Life
* Death is not the end

Your presenter Sophia is a life-long student and teacher of The Ageless Wisdom tradition, Esoteric Literature and Soul Psychology. She is also a long time Futurist, Cosmologist, Esotericist, UFOlogist, Planetary Meditator, Soul Educator and public speaker for various causes.

Death Cafes in Wellington: Sophia founded  the 1st Public Death Cafe in the Wellington Region and New Zealand. It brings together communities to exchange conversations about life and death, to ponder, wonder and celebrate the Art of Living and Dying in compassionate community.

Sophia is an advocate for the expression of Soul Creativity, progressive education and healing, she is passionate about Future Schools and Societies, sustainable Eco-Communities, Raw Food and Natural Healing, Soul Psychology, the World Teacher for All Humanity, Transmission Meditation, UFOs & Their Spiritual Mission, Empathy Matters, Emotional Literacy and Intelligence in classrooms and the NZ school curriculum.

She also teaches Ukuleles for Peace and runs a weekly Ukulele Meetup Group in Wellington. Sophia is a NZ trained teacher and studied at Victoria University. She is in the process of writing books for adults and children.

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Life is a Song. Death is a hymn. Let your voice be heard. ~ Sophia Tara

Compassionate Nonviolent Communication

 ~ What You Say Next Will Change Your World ~

Everything we do in life involves communication. Revolutionary yet simple, Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a practical and learnable process for communicating with empathy, honesty, confidence and compassion.

What is NVC?
Are you wondering what Compassionate Nonviolent Communication is all about? It’s a powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action, providing a set of skills to address all of these problems, from the most intimate relationships to global political conflicts. NVC can help prevent conflicts as well as peacefully resolve them.

Join us for a lively, heart-connecting 4 hours of learning the basics of NVC. Designed to be a fun and engaging learning experience, this course will give you some new awareness and tools you can use to begin transforming your world, one conscious dialogue at a time.

What You Will Learn in this 4 hour Workshop:
Overview of the NVC process
The Key Ingredients
Differentiation of NVC awareness/automatic response
Life-serving vs Life-alienating communication
The OFNR 4 step model
Playing in the Field of Feelings & Needs
Translating Faux Feelings
Empathic Listening

NVC supports connection
with oneself and others so everyone’s needs are equally valued. This allows people to create strategies and meaningful solutions that resolve issues and create thriving relationships in all aspects of life. Using NVC tools, participants will learn how to transform everyday blame, shame, and critical expression into interactions that focus on mutual human needs. People who practice NVC have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deeper connection and satisfying conflict resolution.

Your facilitator Sophia initiated and founded the NVC grassroots movement in the Wellington Region and organised workshops attended by many in NZ. She trained with the founder of NVC, Dr Marshall Rosenberg and many overseas trainers. She has facilitated a wide range of workshops for community activists, spiritual and social change groups, including the Rudolph Steiner community, Intentional Living, Buddhists, Occupy NZ, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, Peace Movement Aotearoa, alternative Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities and the general public. She resonates deeply with the Spirituality of NVC.

Book & Pay: 
$40 (unwaged)
$50 (waged)
Towards venue costs, refreshments and photocopy handouts.

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UFOs & Their Spiritual Mission

The Gathering of the Forces of Light

An unprecedented number have been seen in NZ skies over recent years. World-wide UFO sightings and reports abound on the internet, and Astronauts testify to their existence.

Since the dawn of humanity’s history, there have been common myths and legends of UFOs, seen as flying carpets in ancient Arabia, with Biblical figures such as the prophet Elijah taken to heaven in a chariot of fire, the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus guiding The Magi and magical flying machines, called Vimanas, of ancient India and China. 

Today, an unprecedented number of UFOs have been sighted 24/7 across the world.  Why are they here? Where do they come from? What is their mission? Do they herald a global spiritual awakening? Are they here to help Planet Earth at this turning point in human history? What is Earth’s future and destiny? Is there hope for us? 

We have spoken publicly about UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission for several years. Come and enjoy an evening of inspiring dialogue and a colourful multi-media presentation about this amazing global phenomena, and its spiritual connection to Planet Earth.

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