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Warm greetings. Thanks for visiting my free-spirited website. An Asymmetrical Work in progress to integrate my weirdy-wacky-out-there interests and activities into wild far flung cyberspace. Let’s trail some Stardust. In Joy 🙂

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I am a long-time student and teacher of The Ageless Wisdom tradition, Esoteric Philosophy and Soul Psychology with a practising interest as a Futurist, Cosmologist, Esotericist, UFOlogist, Planetary Meditator and Soul Educator.

The Science of the Soul is my special personal passion – exploring the big questions that we all inevitably ask – Who Am I, Why Am I Here, What Is My Purpose, Is There Life After Death. After years of studying and teaching these concepts, I’ve no doubt that to understand the essence of unconditional Love and the mystery of Life and Death, we need to understand the Science of the Soul. Hence one of my strongest personal callings is to explore the quality, quintessence, divinity and unique landscape of the Soul. A SoulPreneur and Soul Psychologist in the 21st century, when mainstream consciousness will rediscover the reality of the Soul.

Special Interests – As a NZ trained teacher and Director in Education for over two decades, my other special interests are in the fields of progressive education and healing, future schools and societies, emotional literacy and intelligence in schools, Empathy Matters in education to mitigate bullying in homes, schools, workplaces, suicidal issues and mental health challenges in society, sustainable Eco-Communities, Raw Food and Natural Healing, Music and Poetry for Peace, People and Nature photography.


Public Speaking – My other passions include public speaking and studies on various esoteric subjects including Death the Great Adventure & the Science of the Soul, the Advent of the World Teacher for All Humanity, Transmission Meditation, UFOs & Their Spiritual Mission, Esoteric Astrology, the Power of Empathy and Compassion in everyday dialogue and relationships. I’m also an advocate of many years for social and spiritual activism towards lasting World Peace Save Our Planet, and to share with the public at large we are now waging peace in the Era of Soul Evolution and the unifying Age of Aquarius, as we move away from the separative Age of Pisces with its ravages and bloody Wars of Revolution. In the 21st century, humanity has ‘come of age’ and on the brink of re-discovering our Soul Purpose and raison d’etre – it’s time for Evolution not Revolution!

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Death CafeTo encourage the public at large to think about and mitigate the widespread fear of death, I organised and facilitated the first public Death Cafe in New Zealand, to help bring ‘death conversations’ to the table, to take death out of the closet and the fear out of death. Death Cafe allows people to talk about death and grief, but also sparks those conversations about life, to ponder, wonder and celebrate the Art of Living and Dying in compassionate community. It encourages us to face our own mortality and to live each day more fully, to make a friend, not a foe, of this inevitable companion to us all! I also deliver public presentations called Death the Great Adventure on Death, Dying and the AfterLife which emphasizes the journey of the Soul in and out of incarnation, continuing life and consciousness on the inner planes of Spirit and the immortality of the Soul.

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Centre for Compassionate Communication NZFor fifteen years, I’ve organised and facilitated Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshops to build compassionate empathic communities. I initiated and founded the NVC grassroots movement, and the Centre for Compassionate Communication NZ in the Wellington Region and organised many NVC workshops and events attended by numerous participants from around the country, helping to seed compassionate communities in Aotearoa. I trained with the late Dr Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC, many overseas certified trainers, and taught NVC to a wide range of community activists, spiritual and social change groups, including the Waldorf-Steiner, Intentional Living and Buddhist communities, Occupy New Zealand, Peace Movement Aotearoa, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, alternative Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities and the general public. I resonate deeply with the Spirituality of NVC, and its active path to peace and unity, with an abiding empathy for First Nations, the plight and healing of the world’s indigenous people, through NVC and cultural-spiritual awareness. I’m collating a Ukulele Songbook of Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC songs, and arranging ukulele music chords for the songs, which I’ve used at my NVC Workshops over the years. Facebook Page Compassionate Communication NZ

Fairies, Devas and Mother Nature – From early childhood, I’ve had a special affinity and fascination for the magic of the Fairy and Deva Kingdom, Mother Nature’s beauty and the power of flowers. I love the mountains, forests and wild gardens where the fairy folk come out to play. Over the years, I’ve worked with flower essences for Soul healing and make my own energy essences using the Dr Edward Bach method of solarisation. I also create my own perfumes and study the sacred geometry, vibration, notes and signatures of flowers. I enjoy using natural herbal remedies gleaned from the gifts of Mother Nature, in the footsteps of my beloved mother who spent her lifetime ministering to and comforting spiritual seekers, while healing sickness and unusual illnesses in our Polynesian communities with her deep knowledge and innate wisdom and understanding of herbal remedies and energies.

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The Mighty Uke Another of my passions for community outreach is to build strong, vibrant communities through music. I initiated and founded The Wellington Ukulele Peace Network for local communities, organise and teach a large group of ukulele players called The Mighty Ukes, which I founded, with weekly Meetups and public performances. The remarkable global Ukulele Revolution speaks to me that this happy instrument of friendship, love and peace is symbolic of the unifying Age of Aquarius in the music world, instrumental (pun intended) in bringing communities together. Simple to learn for adults and children, easily portable, I like to muse it’s the Aquarian group instrument par excellence, aptly called The Mighty Uke for its magical power of bringing people together in friendship and peace. It can be softly strummed or delicately picked for a gentle harp-like effect, and its musical versatility adapted to varied environments as a healing and soothing balm for the Heart and Soul. Currently I’m collating a book of ‘soulful bedside songs and hymns’ for ukulele solos and mini ensembles to sing and offer comfort to terminally ill and dying folk for their Soul Journey Home. I also write lyrics and compose music for futuristic songs.

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Poetry & Writing

My longtime love for poetry and writing since childhood has developed over the years into my present process of endeavour to write books and poetry for adults and children, particularly focussing on building an E-Book series of online downloadable books and resources which are easily accessible globally 24/7. These will be largely based on a variety of Love Life and Death themes, with a special focus on stories of the Soul’s spiritual journey from the cradle to the grave and beyond. There will also be an exploration into the lives of Super Souls, men and women who stamped their mark on the culture of humanity, left their indelible footprints to follow and gifted humanity with their living legacies. They continue to inspire us in all fields of human endeavour and achievement.

My microcosmic experiences give me pause for reflection within the encompassing macrocosmic sphere of Love Life & Death Every day I am inspired by the Art of Living simply, meditatively and consciously serving with purpose as a Soul in incarnation. Daily I give gratitude for the privilege of being alive at this ost auspicious time in humanity’s evolutionary unfolding on beautiful Planet Earth our home. May Light, Love and Peace prevail in the 21st century and beyond.