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A world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully. In this vision, people are using Compassionate Communication to create and participate in networks of global life-serving systems, within economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-making.

To contribute to this vision by facilitating the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, within our homes, schools, workplaces, communities and service organisations. We begin with developing compassionate self-awareness, self-connection, creativity and action in the service of Life. Growing in NVC consciousness on our shared journey of Being and Becoming, One Heart at a time.

Special acknowledgement and deep gratitude to the late Dr Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). He dedicated his life to the service of humanity through his tireless work of nonviolence for global peace. CCCANZ is grateful for the spiritual gift of Nonviolent Communication, its loving presence, compassion and beauty, daily enriching many lives.

Transforming Our World With Compassion & Empathy One Heart At A Time
Centre for Compassionate Communication Aotearoa New Zealand offers the following NVC Courses

* Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 2 – 4 hour presentation, summary and overview of NVC.

* Foundation Training – Introducing the Basics of NVC, experiential and interactive exercises, and a framework model to begin using NVC in daily Life.

Special Purpose Trainings

* Transforming Guilt, Shame, Anger, Depression
1 or 2 day workshop exploring the painful “stuck” emotions of Guilt, Shame, Anger, Depression. Explore possible entrenched causative effects & triggers, self-judgements & fear. Learn to mourn & celebrate. Process clarity through the expression of feelings & needs, authenticity & vulnerability. Build gradual understanding and personal transformation, through self-empathy, self-connection, self-acceptance and radical self-compassion.
Special Purpose Trainings – Available on request

* Parenting to Connect
1-2 day workshop for parents to connect, support and share challenges and joys, mournings and celebrations of parenthood. A safe place to express frustration, concerns, appreciation and care for your children. Experience clarity and connection, articulated through Compassionate & Collaborative Communication. Teenagers/adult “children” welcome with parent/s.

* Living Empathy & Ukuleles For Peace
Request a 1 day workshop exploring “Living Empathy” as a connective-empathic response in your daily relationships. Book a FUN day with your organisation, community group or social circle of friends. This workshop will teach you LIVING EMPATHY skills and introduce you to the UKULELE as an instrument of friendship, love and peace. We allocate one hour to teach basic ukulele skills and you will play a song or two within the hour! The ukulele is well-known for its magical influence to create friendships. Follow on with our Absolute Beginners’ Ukulele Course & other NVC workshop opportunities listed. Living Empathy & Ukuleles For Peace Available on request

* Transforming Bullying to Empathy
1 or 2 day workshop for schools & workplaces, homes & prisons with bullying issues and challenges. Seek to understand the common humanity of both ‘bullies’ and ‘victims’. Transform disconnecting enemy images to the Beauty of Needs and empathic connection. Develop NVC awareness and consciousness, emotional literacy and emotional intelligence.

* Transforming Planetary Despair
A social change workshop exploring “Feeling the pain of the world” repressed fear, isolation and despair for our global future. Realize that despair flows out of genuine compassion in its original meaning “suffering with”. Explore despair as the constellation of profound feelings, unmet values and needs. Let all feelings flow within-without, to reconnect with beauty, wonder, compassion, courage, empathy & connectedness to all Life. Break your heart open. Dance the Elm Dance of Hope.

* Living Compassion
Connecting the contextual qualities and deeper meaning of the Divine Essence: Compassion and Empathy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Reflection and Contemplation, Love in Action and NVC Spirituality. Understand the evolution and unique unfolding of Sacred Heart consciousness, Soul creativity and Life purpose. Tap into the threshold of the Living Energy. Resonate with your Soul Note and Soul Quality which makes you divinely unique.

* Unique Conscious Communities
Request a workshop for specific organizational and group needs, relevant to your workplace culture, or enhancing Peace Group initiatives, or living in sustainable Alternative Communities, or contemplative group awareness on the Spiritual Path of Compassion. Requests are most welcome from Inter-Faith, Meditation, Spiritual & New Age groups, First Nations, Multi-Ethnic and LGBTI/Rainbow Communities.

* Mediation for Groups, Families & Couples
Request a mediation session/s for your diverse needs to be fully seen, fully heard, mutually understood and mutually supported for creating empathic connection and collaboration-in-continuity.

* Exploring Grief & Compassionate Communication
Request a personal, family or group session/s for you and your loved ones to mitigate the changing landscape of life’s trials, tribulations and unexpressed grief. Your loss may be due to the death of a family member or friend, or loved pet, separation, divorce, children leaving home, loss or change of residence, redundancy, business liquidation or bankruptcy. Compassionate Communication unpacks tools and journals for expressing contemplative grief, reflection & mourning, clarity & connection, authenticity & vulnerability, compassion & empathy, gratitude, appreciation & celebration. To be seen, to be heard, to matter, in exploring deep personal grief, will encourage an open-hearted, self-healing process to begin, with self-awareness and radical self-compassion.

* Bring together your own unique group and request any of the above workshops to meet your group’s specific needs.

NB: Introduction to NVC or Foundation Training may be a pre-requisite to attend some Workshops.

Practice Group & Empathy Cafe
Meetup monthly, as per group demand, to practice NVC skills and empathic connection. A follow-on from NVC Trainings.

* Follow On & Extension Requests welcome for all workshops


Sophia Tara
Sophia bio imageNVC Facilitator – Sophia is Director and founder of the Centre for Compassionate Communication Aotearoa New Zealand (CCCANZ). She also initiated and founded the Nonviolent Communication grassroots movement in NZ’s capital city and the Wellington Region. Over the years, she organised NVC workshops for participants from all over Aotearoa-NZ, and trained with the founder of NVC, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales from Living Compassion, Miki Kashtan of BayNVC, Sura Hart, Jean Morrison from the USA, Gina Lawrie from the UK and many other certified trainers from USA and Australia.

Sophia offers NVC trainings, practice groups and empathy circles. She has facilitated workshops for a wide range of groups, including the Steiner Waldorf community, Intentional alternative-lifestyle groups, Buddhist centres, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, Occupy New Zealand, Peace Movement Aotearoa, Chalkle Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities, Early Childhood Managers and Supervisors and the general public. She deeply resonates with the Spirituality of NVC with an abiding empathy for First Nations, the plight and healing of the world’s indigenous people, through NVC and cultural-spiritual awareness.

Sophia facilitated NZ’s first public Death Cafes in Wellington where she utilises NVC skills of Empathy & Compassion Over the years she has run NVC workshops on Death & Dying, Grief and Mourning, Celebration and Gratitude, Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame to help mitigate the changing landscape of life’s trials, tribulations and unexpressed grief. This personal and/or family loss may be due to the death of a beloved family member or friend, a cherished pet, separation, divorce, children leaving home, loss or change of residence, redundancy, business liquidation or bankruptcy, and the widespread culture of “bullying” and mental health.

She has also facilitated NVC workshops within the larger framework of ‘Transforming Planetary Despair’ exploring and “Feeling the pain of the world” repressed fear, isolation and despair for our global future and Planet Earth – our home.

For over 25 years, Sophia has been an activist for social change and world peace. She is involved with peace communities, social change and spiritual activists, Transmission Meditation and Ageless Wisdom educators in NZ and all over the world. She writes newsletters, articles, blogs, poetry, music, and broadcasted NVC, Ageless Wisdom and Peace programmes on Access Radio 783AM. She is a keen photographer, video-movie maker, website creator, and also a Ukulele Music Teacher with a large group she founded called The Mighty Ukes.

Sophia believes peace begins with each person and NVC offers tools, enabling us to make a paradigm shift in consciousness, from living in a culture of violence, towards a Culture of Peace, Compassion and Empathy. She was creator and webmaster of the first NVC Aotearoa-NZ national website, initiator/editor for the NVC NZ Community Connect newsletter, national database administrator and contact person over the years, for NVC Aotearoa-NZ.

Marshall Gems
We recognize that real educational reform is essential if today’s and tomorrow’s children are to live in a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. The spirituality that we need to develop for social change is one that mobilizes us for social change.

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