How Can We Sleep


How can we sleep
While poverty grows
Feeding gross indignity
On the human divide
The human divide
Dark side of austerity

How can we sleep
While children’s eyes
Die hollow with hunger and need
On a planet of plenty
A planet of plenty
Usurped by war and greed

How can we sleep
While warmongers feed
Hostility hatred and fears
They gorge their coffers
Gorge their coffers
On human suffering and tears

How can we sleep
While fearmongers breed
In the bourse of injustice and pain
They forge money markets
Forge money markets
Without conscience for wealth and gain

How can we sleep
While the dark abyss looms
Larger than love and life
Averting our eyes
Averting our eyes
From the shadows of suffering and strife


© Sophia Tara
Photo Credit: Aaron Cohen
Darfur refugees returning from slavery in the north of Sudan.

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