Stellarnaut #2

How do I paint words in your true colours
The seven dimensional you
On landscapes of my Heart
Gently caressing my mind

Shall I sit amid etheric webs
In timeless pulsation
Threading strands to your heart-beat
Weaving auric rainbows
To radiate as One

Or ascend summits in alpine crispness
Breathless and windswept
Majestically grounded
From heights of grandeur

Or zoom across night skies
On a zillion stars
Cosmic Stellarnauts in far flung worlds
To seek to find to shine

To scale the seven planes
To turn the seven keys
Lifetime after lifetime
Until we knowingly pass
This way before

Unravelling silver threads
Woven in timeless unity
The me in you
The you in me
Astride the vault of heaven

With fiery hearts ablaze
Cosmic twins unite
In kissfull bliss
Star by Star
Eternity to Eternity

© Sophia Tara

Photo Credit: NASA


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