Do You Live In A Soul City?

There is a tangible vibe about the quality of a city, indicative of the people who live within it who can influence the energy of the city by their mere presence, daily thoughts, creative work and positive actions. The collective stream of energy flows into the ethers and translates into a vibrant hub of external manifestation within the richness and beauty of multi-cultural endeavours and the varied forms of art. Many would call this artistic mani-fest an energy of Soul Expression where the quality of joy, play, beauty, unity and celebration take tangible form, touching the hearts and souls of those who bear witness to the outpouring, and are influenced by it in thought, word or deed.

This collective artistic approach is no longer confined within the walls of city galleries, indoor stages or cloistered venues, but flows out in the summer months into the city streets as Community Festivals, where thousands of people from near and far, gather to celebrate and share freely the bounty of artistic Soul Expression.

Street festivals continue for weeks throughout the regions, in towns, suburbs, domains which collectively form the vibrant pulsating energy that streams into the very heart of the city in which we live, love and have our Being. A beautiful dance of creation and aliveness, a visual feast of sound and colour, which nourishes and energises our very Souls with its potency, beauty and grace.

HOW Dance

The reality of the Soul remains a mystery in our mundane, materialistic, physical world and is yet to be given a place of shared acceptance within our collective main-stream consciousness. Meanwhile, the Soul makes itself known and felt through the sound of music, movement and dance, the stroke of paint and brush, the flourish of a pen, creative inventions and breakthroughs in health, science, education, politics and economics – wherever there’s a field of creative human endeavour for the common good and beneficence – the Soul takes form.

The quality of the Soul is Love – unconditional, magnanimous, inclusive, unifying love – for all humanity and for all the Kingdoms of Nature which underlies the magnificent process of creation on Planet Earth, our home. Soul Love, the essence of who we are, unites us in the creative dance of Life and Death. It recognises the sub-human forms which make up the nature kingdoms – the mineral, plant, animal world from whence we come and without which we cannot survive as a human species. Those below are nourished by those above, and vice versa, and the ancient Hermetic maxim – As Above, So Below – is a truism which resounds throughout the physical and cosmic realms. As custodians of the lesser kingdoms, the actions of the human kingdom, for good or ill, is absolutely vital to the future well-being of our planet for generations and aeons to come.

Soul cities recognise this, and form groups of actively engaged citizenry who beat the drums of peace, and march for justice, freedom and equality for all creation, whether human or animal rights, or the environmental salvaging and restoration of Mother Earth. The onslaught of climate change and global warming sound the alarm bells, alerting us to our planet’s temperature on the barometer which has reached fever pitch. Mother Nature is dangerously ill and needs our help and wise ministrations – urgently!

Governments of the day must take heed, listen to the counsel of its people and to the wisdom of that great Soul, Abraham Lincoln who famously said, “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet national crises. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” Soul cities hear the warning drums and rise to the clarion call to Save Our Planet. Time is fast running out and “Decade Zero” is here.

On we march to the call that is loud and clear to so many of us while governments of the day fudge, folly, fumble and play deaf in addressing the urgency of the times. Many there are among us who understand the two main triggers which will lay desolate our beautiful planetary home – the threat of nuclear war and the onslaught of climate change rapidly imperilling our eco-systems. Desertification of our rain forests, the lungs of Mother Earth, the toxic fall-out from nuclear pollution, also known as the ‘Invisible Peril’ now permeating the air, water and soil, is found in every body of water, tract of land, and in the ethers. It is destructive to our subtle bodies and cannot be seen with physical eyes – therefore it cannot be measured causatively, aside from the physical effect of its devastation through common diseases which have multiplied ten-fold, including many types of cancer, Alzheimers and congenital deformities of babies born near nuclear fall-out locations – Chernobyl being one of many.

What does the future hold for Planet Earth our Home? There are many wise voices raised to warn us of the urgency of the times and to act now in curtailing further disasters befalling our world as we move closer to the abyss. There is still time to heed Mother Nature’s call as she warns us through the catastrophic fury of natural disasters that play havoc across the planet. It has been postulated that 80{bc173e257aef892607ef34e2f2a59518ff42f4a47d4b742ce49a5c5f45c999fd} of climate change is due to human activity through pollution, desertification, intensive unnatural farming of both crops and animals, reliance on fossil fuels and so the list goes on. It’s up to individuals, groups, communities, towns, cities, nations to collectively bring the Will to Action and hold their governments to account – especially those who are bribed and paid ‘blood money’ at the behest of powerful greedy corporations, to the detriment of collective humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. Is your city an active Peace City with informed engaged citizens? Does it have Soul?

Wellington is a Peace City. It’s also a Soul City and the capital of New Zealand. The statue of Gandhi stands proudly at the entrance to its Wellington Railway Station – symbolic of Gandhi’s numerous travels by train. Lonely Planet named it the coolest little capital in the world! It’s the seat of the NZ government with an unique Beehive Building; it’s the home of the Royal NZ Ballet, National Symphony Orchestra, the National Museum of Te Papa, the World of Wearable Arts (WOW), Fringe and Film Festivals, the sporting Rugby Sevens, the Hall of Memories, The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and the Carillion – a large bell like instrument. The Hall of Memories consists of six small chapels each of which represent a branch of New Zealand’s armed forces. The Carillion is the third largest of its kind in the world and the only Carillion in New Zealand.

Wellington is also home to many of New Zealand’s cultural creatives – artists, writers, poets, musicians, sports people, actors and the famed film director, Sir Peter Jackson, winner of 11 Academy Awards for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. He’s a friend of James Cameron, of The Titanic and Avatar fame. They’ve purchased sprawling properties in the Wairarapa, a scenic rural area close to Wellington city. The Cafe scene in Wellington is phenomenal and the totality of the hospitality industry – a ‘mini New York’ cafe scenario. The geography is amazing, from a blue nuclear-free harbour, to luscious green valleys and up into the craggy majestic mountain tops overlooking the city. The multi-cultural vibe and spiritual energy wraps itself around the strong vibrant heart of the coolest little capital in the world with its warm friendly people – a must see Soul City – on your journey around our beautiful Lonely Planet!

Author: Sophia Tara
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