Homeless – the faceless ones


Wretchedness cast in blanketgrey
Life beaten to merciless embryonic submission
Severed from the placenta and womb of Life
Adrift in Time and Space

How many faceless ones
In this fair land
Millions more in nations
Rent by poverty and war

Wedged between stone walls
And wooden benches
Displaced cardboard boxes
Sent nowhere but despair 

Reflecting inner realities
Of countless lost Souls
Trapped in glass structures 
Of greed and materialism 

Impervious to the clarion call
“Build Solomon’s Temple!”

Hone our solar tools
Erect sacred shelters
Where none are turned from the Portals

O despairing ones
The hour has come to join hands
Reclaim our Spiritual Birthright
In the Father’s mansion
He awaits our return – Home

© Sophia Tara

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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