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Love Life & Death

LOVE LIFE & DEATH synthesises ideas, concepts, information and strategies to offer an active vision of 21st century Education. Planet Earth entered the Age of Aquarius in 2009. It is the Age of Unity, Synthesis, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. The cosmic magnet and Aquarian energies sweep all before it. The Soul of Humanity has come of age! Increasingly we will comprehend our innate raison d’etre within the Divine Plan. The Science of the Soul will be recognised and accepted as the indwelling divinity that unites all of creation.

Soul Education will ensue in earnest, for it holds the key to our purpose in Life, our understanding of Death and Rebirth, and a comprehensive awareness of the immutable universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

Gradually the evolution of consciousness will proceed accordingly; war, hunger and poverty will end; we will increasingly re-cognise each other as Souls in incarnation. With this conscious awareness, we will actively demonstrate the Divine Soul qualities of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Unity, Sharing, Compassion, Empathy, and become World Citizens, responsible for the restoration and custodianship of Planet Earth – our Home.

Soul Heart

In preparation for the Era of the Soul and the Age of Love, we offer courses, public talks, lectures and workshops on the following:
* Science of the Soul – constitution of humanity
* Soul Psychology – the 7 Rays of Energy
* Soul Purpose – your Soul Ray sweet spot
* Soul Doulaship – comfort & support for the death journey home
* Death Cafes – minimise the fear of death
* The Art of Death & Dying – a good death
* Transmission Meditation – global group service Network of Light
* The World Teacher For All Humanity – He Is Here!
* UFO & Crop Circle Mystery – we are not alone
* Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
* Empathy Matters – develop Emotional Intelligence
* Empathy Cafes – community connection & support
* “Bully” Busters – busting with Empathy & Compassion
* Ukuleles for Peace – community building with music, fun & play

We welcome all individual and group enquiries for facilitating workshops in your communities, presenting public talks and delivering lectures/seminars on any of the above subjects.

We will be working towards global webinars and opportunities for online courses, presentations and discussions.

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