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Homeless – the faceless ones


Wretchedness cast in blanketgrey
Life beaten to merciless embryonic submission
Severed from the placenta and womb of Life
Adrift in Time and Space

How many faceless ones
In this fair land
Millions more in nations
Rent by poverty and war

Wedged between stone walls
And wooden benches
Displaced cardboard boxes
Sent nowhere but despair

Reflecting inner realities
Of countless lost Souls
Trapped in glass structures
Of greed and materialism

Impervious to the clarion call
“Build Solomon’s Temple!”

Hone our solar tools
Erect sacred shelters
Where none are turned from the Portals

O despairing ones
The hour has come to join hands
Reclaim our Spiritual Birthright
In the Father’s mansion
He awaits our return – Home

© Sophia Tara

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


Mozart #2

Wolfgang Amadeus tragic genius
Pure magic maestro of sound
Your relentless quest for two notes
That loved each other
Made perfect harmony
The consummate artist
Your whole Being a cathedral
For celestial instruments
Reciting musical memories
Of unseen worlds and far flung universes
Did you comb the heavens
For divine inspiration
Or were you born embodying
The spheres of sacred sound
All your 4th Ray bodies
Personified beauty and harmony
And one 3rd Ray physical
For strength and rapid activity
Composing 600 scores
In thirty five years of incarnation
A soul-infused third degree initiate
Your personality foibles and temporal suffering
Belied your spiritual status
Vilified and envied by lesser mortals
Buried a pauper in an unmarked grave
Now a Master of Serapis’s Ashram
You inspire world disciples
To revelations on the horizon of Music and Art
Reflecting cosmic Rays of Beauty and Harmony
And when children in their intuitive way
Innocently pronounce “Most Art” as your name
I assent in reverent silence
And pay homage with love


Author © Sophia Tara
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Letter to St Valentine

Letter To St Valentine


Dear St Valentine
Your martyrdom resounds
Through the centuries
An impassioned heart
Guilty only of love

How fiery your flame
Defying laws of the land
A beacon of freedom
To the human spirit
Enslaved by evil tyranny

In this capsule of time
We celebrate your gift
However vaguely remembered
By romantics and poets
Your love essence remains

Yet we only know it now
As a dress rehearsal
For our sentient nature
Clothed in superficial colours
Of glamour and illusion

But a higher love beckons
One we will yet experience
On all planes consciously
The Magnet of the Heart
Will bless the sacred union

Even as I write
The supreme Lord of Love
Prepares His second coming
We await in awe the ultimate impact
Of unconditional love fulfilled

Then every day will be
A celebration of Love
And we will drink deeply
Joyfully yours truly
St Valentine’s Day xxxxx

Author © Sophia Tara
Photo Credit: Creative Commons


Stellarnaut #2

How do I paint words in your true colours
The seven dimensional you
On landscapes of my Heart
Gently caressing my mind

Shall I sit amid etheric webs
In timeless pulsation
Threading strands to your heart-beat
Weaving auric rainbows
To radiate as One

Or ascend summits in alpine crispness
Breathless and windswept
Majestically grounded
From heights of grandeur

Or zoom across night skies
On a zillion stars
Cosmic Stellarnauts in far flung worlds
To seek to find to shine

To scale the seven planes
To turn the seven keys
Lifetime after lifetime
Until we knowingly pass
This way before

Unravelling silver threads
Woven in timeless unity
The me in you
The you in me
Astride the vault of heaven

With fiery hearts ablaze
Cosmic twins unite
In kissfull bliss
Star by Star
Eternity to Eternity

© Sophia Tara

Photo Credit: NASA


How Can We Sleep


How can we sleep
While poverty grows
Feeding gross indignity
On the human divide
The human divide
Dark side of austerity

How can we sleep
While children’s eyes
Die hollow with hunger and need
On a planet of plenty
A planet of plenty
Usurped by war and greed

How can we sleep
While warmongers feed
Hostility hatred and fears
They gorge their coffers
Gorge their coffers
On human suffering and tears

How can we sleep
While fearmongers breed
In the bourse of injustice and pain
They forge money markets
Forge money markets
Without conscience for wealth and gain

How can we sleep
While the dark abyss looms
Larger than love and life
Averting our eyes
Averting our eyes
From the shadows of suffering and strife


© Sophia Tara
Photo Credit: Aaron Cohen
Darfur refugees returning from slavery in the north of Sudan.

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A Beautiful Time To Die

Wreath gold purple 2

You always had style, my sister,
even when you had no two coins
to rub together, you managed
to put dinner on the table,
to look ever elegant,
and raise two sons
plus a husband,
on music and a smile.
I remember tripping over
cords attached to guitars,
microphones, saxophones
and drums, a veritable
chaotic musical house mess,
jam sessions together,
and the animals;
You were a true lover
of creatures great and small,
stray cats and dogs dined
with selected house pets,
you, too kind-hearted
too averse to turn them away.
Now as you lay sleeping,
I feel your loving presence
as do many mourners gathered
to celebrate your kind deeds
and the life they shared
at one time or other, with you.
The heralding of Spring
continues ever the cycle
of rebirth, warm new life;
an eternal truth that death
is only a new beginning
as the Great Wheel turns,
and in the Spring gardens
Gaia’s children come out to play,
songbirds and devas harmonising
in bursts of colour and chorus.
We weave your last wreath with flowers
of brilliant golds, purples and reds
and marvel that you chose, in true style,
a beautiful time to die.


© Sophia Tara


Pax Cultura

Madonna Oriflamma best

Too many wars
Blood of our kin
Harrowed in soil
Year out year in

Past present future
Ringed in eternity
Religion science art
Liberty equality fraternity

Daughters of Feeling
Sons of Mind
We cry freedom
For all humankind

India’s symbol Chintamani
Temple of Heaven Peking
Three Treasures of Tibet
Breast of Christ by Memling

White crosses to bear
Red roses to die
Tiny blue flags
Black cemetery fly

Madonna of Strasbourg
Caucasian sword Gurdas
Knights Templars in arms
Shields of Crusaders

Wars for religion
Wars for greed
Legacies sown
In bloody creed

Mongolian rocks Himalayan skies
Samarkand Ethiopian antiquities
Rigden Djapo Tamga of Timurlane
St Sergius and the Holy Trinity

Banner of Peace
Banner of Love

Time for Peace
Time for Love ♥

Author © Sophia Tara
Painting: Madonna Oriflamma by Nicholas Roerich

Pax Cultura

Victory Victorious

mandala rainbow

A broken heart is attached
To the illusion of separation
From the Cosmic Magnet of Being
The Eternal Love you are
Your Sacred Heart is empowered
By forgiveness and grace
Transcending limitations
Fettering your true Spirit
Precious and unique thou art
A jewel in the grand design
Of the Divine Plan in action
Manifested through Love
Just as love breaks your heart
So Love heals and makes whole
All that is sacred and pure
Worthy of your True Self
And in small deaths
You journey to stand under
And journey to under stand
You are Love
You are Victory
You are Victorious!


© Sophia Tara